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Decor Paper

Decor Paper Supplier

Decor Paper  is used to decorate wooden materials, in printed or unprinted form, is impregnated with resins, and then laid as a laminate on a backing material. Many years of tradition and experience give Omkar Decor Paper Supplier quality and technical sophistication. Decor papers are specialty papers used to create quality finishes on wooden materials. Single-color, they are either used as they are or printed with a range of designs. They are used for furniture surfaces, flooring, and paneling. Omkar decor papers are produced mainly using hardwood cellulose, which is of course certified. They are highly absorbent, which makes them very suitable for impregnation. Decor paper can be given fill materials if they are to be used to cover dark backing materials such as particle board and core paper. These white and colored pigments are highly light-resistant and also resilient to chemicals. Decor papers are made in a wide range of colors and weights. Their surfaces can be satin-finished or machine-smoothed. Other outstanding properties include high porosity, wet strength, light-resistance, and color constancy Decor Paper Supplier in Ahmedabad.

Benefits of Decor Paper

  • Top color consistency
  • Impregnability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Stable for further processing